Fiordland Lobster Company (FLC) is the largest and most profitable crayfish company in Australasia and is New Zealand’s leading exporter of live rock lobster.

Fiordland Lobster Company

Rock lobster lives in the coastal waters of New Zealand and is renowned as a delicacy, particularly in China, FLC’s key market.

Prime Minister John English at the opening of the East Tamaki Fish Plant

In 2016  the KAHC purchased the refurbished East Tamaki   crayfish holding depot of FLC in Auckland and entered into a long term lease to FLC.  We were honoured to have King Tuheitia and the Deputy Prime Minister along with many of our highly valued partners attend this opening. 

FLC’s values and culture remain as strong today as when the company was established 25 years ago. Its reputation in the industry, as a company set up by fishing families for fishing families, is reflected in its ability to foster excellent relationships with fishermen, quota owners, staff and customers and its integrity in maintaining quota and best prices for fishermen.

Our asset portfolio has increased in value and includes fishing quota, shares in Aotearoa Fisheries Limited, Pania Reef Fisheries (GP) Limited, Takitimu Seafoods (GP) Limited and the Fiordland Lobster Company Limited.

About KAHC

In 2007 Kahungnunu Asset Holding Company entered into a five-by-five share purchase and quota lease agreement with Fiordland Lobster Company in return for guaranteed access to our quota. As a result of that agreement, we have received record annual quota lease and dividend yields, and seen the FLC’s share price increase by 500 percent. KAHC is the 4th largest shareholder of the Fiordland Lobster Company and only iwi shareholder.

Our two companies continue to work together to ensure Kahungunu and Rongomaiwahine fisherman catch every kilogram of quota that is owned by their respective Iwi and the fishery continues to provide jobs for our whanau.

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